Welcome to swan’s documentation!

Swan (=”sequential waveform analyzer”) is a GUI application built with PyQt4. For plotting it also uses matplotlib’s qt aggregation classes and pyqtgraph’s plot widget. The calculation is done by numpy.

Swan is built to show reach-and-grasp data. It is possible to load multiple sessions to get an overview of all units from all sessions for one selectable electrode. In advance you can compare the units by either looking at the overview or by using the different views of the data, e.g. a 2d plot. A special feature of swan is that you can create virtual units. Virtual units are a mapping of units from multiple sessions that you define as the same unit.

Here is a list of the swan features:

  • Show an overview of one electrode over many sessions.
  • Show different views and layers of the data.
  • Do a virtual unit mapping. Sometimes units are not mapped correctly so you can change the mapping virtually and save the mapping in a file.
  • Calculate the mapping via algorithm or do it by hand
  • Export the mapping to csv and odML


This application is built on Linux and works on Linux. It should work on Windows as well but there could be some problems.


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